5 films to spook your socks off

Niko Robledo, Editor of Photography

1.) Sinister – Scott Derrickson

Who doesn’t love the concept of someone coming through a television screen and murdering everyone you care about? In Sinister, author Ellison Oswald (played by the infamous Ethan Hawke) moves his family into a new home. In the attic finds a box containing a projector and multiple rolls of film. Soon after, he realizes that each film is a different murder and makes it his personal goal to solve the mystery and turn his story into a bestselling book.

2.) 28 Days Later – Danny Boyle

A twist on the original idea of zombies, set in London.  When a group of animal rights activists take on a job releasing a captive monkey. They are ignorant to the fact that this chimp was filled with an infection called the “Rage Virus.” When infected, the virus causes the host to enter a state of hyperactive blood lust. The narrative follows a group of 3 survivors trying to make their way to safety.

3.) It Follows – David Robert Mitchell

The main character discovers that she has been given a curse that can only be passed through sexual intercourse. Her friends don’t believe that a curse could exist and if it did, why the heck would it be passed through sexual intercourse? It manifests itself as a woman but, can be disguised as any physical object. This adds an extra teaspoon of fear to the already eerie experience.

4.) The Conjuring – James Wan

Ed and Lorraine Warren a paranormal investigator and demonologist duo are convinced to take on a haunting of farm in Rhode Island. The activity in the farm house starts off slowly and the spirit appears to be benign. After multiple months of living in the house, the family realises they are dealing with much more than a bed sheet with eyes. The best part is that this film was based on a real story. Lorraine Warren was even a consultant to James Wan.

5.) The Taking of Deborah Logan – Adam Robitel

Mia Medina is making a film on Alzheimer’s Disease for her doctoral thesis. She sets up cameras around the home of Deborah Logan and her daughter Sarah. Over time she begins to notice that her mental health is deteriorating. BUT!  Is it only her mental health? Or could it be something more sinister? Found footage films take your suspension of disbelief to another level by presenting the footage as real. This brings the film one step closer into our reality.


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