Men’s basketball team looks to make changes

Ryan Scott, Lamp staff

The Lincoln Land Loggers men’s team saw big changes as long-time coach Doug Jones became the women’s coach. The Loggers had big shoes to fill and definitely found a deserving replacement in Chuck Shanklin.

Shanklin has made two appearances at state in the high school level. The first time as the head coach of the Lanphier Lions in 2012, where they finished fourth, and the second as an assistant coach of the 2017 Southeast Spartans, in which Southeast brought home a second-place award.

Shanklin said that high school basketball success gave him a good reputation going to the college level.

On the difficulty of coaching at the college level he said, “I knew that it was going to be a transition, but I didn’t know it would be that much of one. I really learned a lot in my first season.”

Injuries plagued the Loggers of 2018-19 as they finished the season with a disappointing record of 5-24.

Freshman Forward Benji Eaker and Freshman guard Jordan Brooks have belief that the team can turn it around and don’t blame Shanklin for the record in his first season. He started developing a completely new system this season and is preparing them well for success next year.

Shanklin has big expectations for his freshmen entering their sophomore season. A lot of the production this season was by sophomores but still a lot of freshmen played quality minutes and have learned what it will take to win at the college level. Also, he is optimistic that they are able to recruit some of the students athletes they’re after.

On areas in need of improvement, Shanklin pointed out flaws in rebounding and defense as a whole. He also would like to see the team get more athletic before next season.

Brooks pointed out the same things rebounding and defense as key problems.

The team needs “size and good recruits,” Brooks said. The team could “surprise a lot of people next season”.

Shanklin believes he can help make the Loggers a winning program and have them competing for conference championships.

On expectations for next year, Eaker said he believes they can win the conference championship but knows it will be a big challenge.

Brooks agreed that he hopes “to put the first men’s basketball banner in our gym.”

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