Lack of books creates tough start for students

Emma Shafer, Assistant Editor

The beginning of the school year is an exhilarating time at Lincoln Land. Students arrive after a much too short summer break, and the hallways begin to bustle with nervous and excited energy.

However, this semester, many students were not able to immediately begin learning as they did not have their textbooks and other materials that were required for courses. The Lincoln Land bookstore opened as usual, but many students reported they did not get their books on time, despite having placed their orders well before classes started. 

“It’s frustrating when you start the year without some of your books,” Freshman Amanda Zucksworth stated. “It starts the year on a bad note when I can’t begin studying at the start of classes.”

After speaking to multiple students, it seemed especially unnerving for freshman students who hadn’t experienced having to buy their books before.

Andrew Blaylock, the director of campus services and who oversees the bookstore, said: “Each semester, we do have to manage some challenges based on changes in class schedules, publisher availability and students coming in for books just prior to or after the start of classes.  This semester was not any better or worse than previous semesters with handfuls of challenges to overcome.”

While we understand the enormity of ordering and finding books for the 7,020 students currently enrolled at LLCC, it is essential that students are getting the materials and textbooks that they need in adequate time.

The bookstore could be helped if we all remember we play a role in these troubles. Professors need to realize that a last-minute book change can be inconvenient to students and the bookstore, and students need to realize that enrolling late causes planning troubles throughout the college.

Next semester, we hope the bookstore can have more books on hand, and we hope professors and students can plan ahead so that the bookstore (and all college officials) can be prepared for the start of the year.

Editorials are written by The Lamp Editorial Page Writer Emma Shafer, based upon the shared opinion of Editorial Board members Avery Cook, Meredith Howard, Niko Robledo and Emma Shafer.