Loggers Soccer Preview


Cale Sherrock, goalie for the Loggers, makes a save against Iowa Central Community College on Sept. 6, 2019.

Ryan Scott, Lamp Staff

The Lincoln Land Loggers soccer team struggled in 2018, going 6-12 and losing in their first game of the tournament. But they have confidence they will be better in 2019.

“That’s always the mindset you have to have coming in,” says Cale Sherrock, a sophomore goalie for the Loggers, who believes that the Loggers main goal is to win the conference in 2019.

Levi Slater, a sophomore midfielder for the Loggers, believes the team will perform well. “We have a very solid lineup and a lot of good players,” said Slater, who believes the recruiting has been very strong for this season, including international players.

The Loggers have seven players from South America for the 2019 season: four from Brazil, two from Columbia, and one from Chile. Five of these players are freshmen for the Loggers’ team.

Sherrock believes that the team chemistry among all their players will be a key to the team’s success this season. “Good team chemistry is very important and we have a lot of that and we are hoping that can be a big factor of what keeps us strong late in games.”

The 2019 Loggers team has confidence, we will see if that translates to more wins on the soccer field. Their first conference game is on Wednesday, Sept. 4th against Heartland Community College.