Multicultural Fest promotes acceptance amongst LLCC students

Regina Ivy

Cam Boyer, Lamp staff

On Wednesday, Oct. 2, Lincoln Land hosted its 16th annual Multicultural Fest, a celebration of diversity and culture among the Springfield community. The festival ran from 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and the bustling atmosphere radiated energy to anyone passing by.  

Outside of Menard Hall, an array of booths were present, each with their own presentation of unique items that represented their culture and ideals. These booths included Bahai Faith, the NAACP, Express Your Seoul Dance Club, and Sol Peru among others. 

Great ethnic food was sold at the festival, provided by Gyros Stop, Aztca Mexican Grill, Coopers Streetside Bistro, and B & W Good Eats and Sweets. Students and other visitors paid for food tickets, which in turn, could be used to order food. T-shirts were also given away to each person who purchased a ticket.  

Music from a variety of different regions such as Latin America, Asia, and Africa was provided by DJ Yinka, who also provided music for the entertainment that took place on the main stage. Performers included Torch Nation and Modeste Mundongi with Jacqueese Kongolo.  

On top of having a booth, the Lotus Fire Belly Dancers also gave an electric performance on the main stage. Their performance was an American tribal style belly dance. Originating from California, this dance is a fusion of Middle Eastern, North African, Indian, and Flamenco styles of dance.  

“I have a lot of joyful thoughts and feelings when I’m up there performing. I love showing what I can doand seeing other people react to that,” said Zach Booker-Scott of the Lotus Fire Belly Dancers.  

Not only is the Multicultural Fest a fun celebration of culture and diversity on campus, but it’s also an important tool for teaching tolerance and inclusivity. Raising awareness was one of the main goals that Student Life program assistant Asia Jackson had in mind.  

“We wanted to raise awareness of different cultures and show inclusivity. We learned that in order to be more inclusive, you need to educate students about different cultures and their norms,” said Jackson.  

There was a sizable turnout for this year’s festival. The atmosphere was full of joy and acceptance. Crowds of different people were consistently filling up the information area, and large lines for the ethnic food were forming throughout the day. By the end of the festival,

Student Life had run out of T-shirts, and the food trucks were nearly out of food.  

“I think this festival was amazing. People have been coming in even before the festival officially began. The turnout was incredible, and I hope it’s even better next year.” said Asia Jackson. 

Diversity and acceptance of different cultures and backgrounds are extremely valued at Lincoln Land Community College. The annual Multicultural Fest is a beautiful celebration that holds up those values and shines a light on diversity in our community.