LLCC men’s basketball team is more athletic than last year

Ryan Scott, Assistant Editor

The Loggers are trying to bounce back this season after a 5-24 season last year. This season they hope to improve.

Head Coach Chuck Shanklin has the expectation that they improve. He wants opponents to not be able to look at them as an “easy win” anymore.

Benji Eaker a Sophomore Forward for the Loggers believes the team can win the conference this season. Jordan Brooks a Sophomore Guard said, “Our main expectation for the year is to find a way to get a banner hung in our gym”.

On the team this year Shanklin believes the sophomores can step up and help lead the team. He also believes the freshman class could be good but the adjustment from high school can take time.

On the strengths and weaknesses of the team, Shanklin said one of our major strengths is that we’re more athletic than we were last year.

We’ve got some length to us and have some depth as far as the perimeter is concerned. One of our weaknesses is that we don’t have the depth in the trenches. Rebounding is a huge concern for us.

Benji Eaker Believes that the strengths are that the team has great attitudes and they are a close group. Jordan Brooks believes the team can cause mismatches for their opponents and that their weakness is that they’re a new team and could take a few games to play as a team, but he believes it can be fixed quickly.

Coach Shanklin enters his second season as the Loggers head coach. He reflects on learned last year and what he plans to do in the future years.

“It’s been a huge learning experience and continues to be navigating the collegiate athletic landscape,” Shanklin says. “I think we’ve recruited a little bit better and brought in some guys that will help this year and really take off next year. If we can slowly but surely get some much-needed wins, then our recruiting will pick up. If we can get guys moved on and further their careers with that Associates in their hands then it’ll be a “win-win” for everyone involved”.

The Loggers are currently 0-2, their first home game is Wednesday, November 13th and their regular season ends February 29th.