It's fun to work at the YMCA

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By Anne King

Staff Writer

SPRINGFIELD – Many places offer jobs for teens and young adults, but few are like the YMCA. Besides the opportunities the Y offers, those who work there say the co-workers and amazing bosses make the YMCA a great job.

Working as a lifeguard or swim instructor, employees get to choose their favorite hours.

Opening shifts can be covered by the crazy early birds, and night shifts for the night owls and everything in between can be accommodated at the YMCA.

If one likes working with children, swim instructor might be a good fit, too.

Caitlin, who is both a swim instructor and lifeguard, said that the thing she loves most about her job is watching kids progress.

“It’s satisfying as an instructor to watch kids grow over the eight weeks of lessons,” said Caitlin “You get kids who don’t know how to swim or don’t like getting their faces wet, and at the end, they can swim independently and enjoy jumping in over their heads. It gives you a sense of accomplishment.”

But the satisfaction also comes from teaching adults to swim.

“Even with adults who come in for lessons, watching them attain their goals gives you pride knowing that you had a role in educating them. It’s just really cool to see,” Caitlin said.

As for lifeguards, Arthur Steiner, who is the head lifeguard and lifeguard instructor, was one of the names mentioned most after asking who the favorite was in the aquatic department.

One employee commented, “He’s just funny and tells good stories.”

Another said, “Arthur’s my favorite because he stands behind us. If a patron questions us or gets in our face, Arthur backs us up and not all bosses do that.”

Fun bosses make work more enjoyable, especially at the YMCA.

As part of the camaraderie between bosses and employees, the employees have created a new tradition: Scary Monday.

One regular target is boss Tara Crowley, the swimming lessons coordinator, because she scares easily. Employees enjoy hiding behind doors or screaming to elicit her reaction.  

Where else can you scream at your boss and then laugh afterwards?

For the employees, they agree that it’s fun to work at the YMCA.

Anne King can be reached at [email protected]

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It's fun to work at the YMCA