Batman v. Superman: yawn of boredom

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Isaac Warren

Print Editor

SPRINGFIELD – Batman and Superman are both iconic superheroes. Each character has their own tragic backstory, which shapes the person they are in the comic series and in the movies.

Recently, “Batman v.s. Superman: Dawn of Justice” came out and reactions to the movie were mixed, to say the least.

Most of the professional critics on Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB have said that the movie looked good, but was boring.

Having seen the movie in glorious 3-D, I can say that the enhancement did not make any difference. Here is my review on the movie, which contains spoilers.

“Dawn of Justice” was not a terrible movie. In fact, the CGI was pretty good, and most of the acting was great. The only issues with the movie involve the plot being too convoluted and boring.

DC and Warner Brothers must have seen what Marvel was doing with the Avengers and felt the need to use the superheroes they had the rights to in order to compete. Since DC is a bit late to the game, they must have had to compensate for lost time, so they introduced five new superheros with some sort of background in the span of two and a half hours.The result was a storyline that felt rushed and was mostly exposition. For an action movie, there was only about 40 minutes of actual fighting or action.

Jesse Eisenberg, who played Lex Luthor in the movie, performed the worst. Even though his acting was not as good as anyone else’s, it was not terrible. It felt like he was trying to imitate Heath Ledger’s Joker character for Lex Luthor.

While Luthor may be insane, he is nowhere near as psychotic or as bold as the Joker was, so it does not make a lot of sense to see a lot of parallels between the two. Eisenberg’s little giggle after nearly very sentence and hunched appearance did not look or sound good at all, and made almost every scene with him painful to watch.

Lois Lane, as a character was annoying and terrible. Everywhere trouble was, you can guarantee she was in he middle of it nearly every single time. After her life was in peril for the third time, I found myself rolling my eyes, wondering how someone could be so dense and incompetent at avoiding danger. In my opinion, she is a much stronger weakness for Superman than kryptonite, because he always chooses to leave in the middle of a battle in order to save her.

In short, the movie was cool if you were looking for some new superheroes to get excited about. The movie was basically a two hour hype session for DC fans who want some cool movies.

Honestly, I am looking forward more to the upcoming movies than the movie they were announced in. DC simply tried to do too much for one movie, and the result was a confuddled mess of exposition and terrible comedy timing.

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Batman v. Superman: yawn of boredom